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Создан: 09.12.2009
Написано: 1061

Rachel Weisz: “As a parent, you always check to see your child is breathing”

Пятница, 26 Февраля 2010 г. 15:08 + в цитатник

В прокате фильм «Милые кости» с Рейчел Вайс

7 марта Рейчел Вайс исполнится 40 лет. К этому времени она успела закончить Кембриджский университет, стать кинозвездой после фильма «Мумия», выйграть «Оскар» - за фильм «Преданный садовник», и родить сына от своего жениха -режиссера Даррена Аронофски, который окончил Гарвардский университтет. В фильме Питера Джексона «Милые кости» рейчел Вайс сыграла непутевую мать. К счастью ее семьи, она сама оказалась из тех матерей, которые «всегда проверяют, если их ребенок дышит». Я встретилась с Рейчел Вайс в нью-йоркском отеле Four Seasons.

«Chatting with a three year old is very fun. Chatting to my son is great fun»

Q: What was more career changing – winning the Оscar or having a baby?
Weisz: Winning an Oscar means very interesting directors offer you very interesting roles so it definitely opens more doors for you. For that, I’m very grateful. Being a mum, I feel like I’ve talked about it a lot, so I don’t know what else to say. They happened at almost exactly the same time. Two big events in a short space of time.
Q: Do you feel like you were meant to be a mother?
Weisz: It turns out I’m really good at it. But I didn’t know before, no. It was really scary to me before, but I’ve really taken to it. Really love it.
Q: What is more important for you now? When you wake up?
Weisz: I love hanging out with my son. He woke yesterday and asked me if the big light was on and I realised he meant the sun outside. Chatting with a three year old is very fun. Chatting to my son is great fun.
Q: Then there’s this magazine of these girls who were taken but survived. This is a story about them. What can we do to make sure this never happens again? Is it possible to stop things like that?
Weisz: I think having been raped they’ve been subjected to enough misery without having to be put on the cover of In Touch magazine so that’s the first thing, if I was president, I would try and put an end to that because I think that’s more kind of degredation, personally. What’s interesting about the book is, and we say this in the film too, it was the early 70s and I’m not American either, but there was a time I guess in the 80s when children started disappearing and they would put their pictures on the milk cartons. At breakfast you would see these missing children and the idea is I think it was a more innocent time in the early 70s, there was less of this kind of thing. People lived in the suburbs, they didn’t lock their doors. It was a more innocent. Naпve time. I guess it seems the world is becoming more awful. Is that true though?
Weisz: No it’s not. The numbers have gone down actually.
A: Wow, really. That’s fascinating. I guess then what they’re saying in Lovely Bones is that it’s a time when these things were not sensationalized. There weren’t missing kids on milk cartons, let alone on the cover of a gossip magazine. I guess that’s what’s changed. Loss of innocence is this. I didn’t know before you said that if there were less murders or what the statistics were. There’s also the Amber alert now.
Q: Being a mother, was it hard for you to do that part?
Weisz: I actually don’t think it was harder because I am a mother. It’s a hard question. It’s like saying ‘Would it be easier if I wasn’t a woman?’ It’s hard. That’s what I am now. I’m a mother. It’s hard to imagine being anything else. As a parent, you always check to see your child is breathing. It’s just part of being a parent. I’m sure it’s just part of nature, we make sure they are safe all the time. I’m sure there’s some evolutionary reason for it



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